Friday, May 9, 2008

15 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For the purpose of full disclosure, I’ll admit I sent my husband a list of things I wanted for Mother’s Day three weeks ago and none of these things were on it. But if your mother or grandmother hasn’t sent you a list and your looking for something that will arrive by Sunday, without paying out the wazoo for shipping, and would like to save the world to boot, here are some gift ideas that she will appreciate.

  1. Make mom’s SUV carbon neutral for a whole year with’s Go ZeroCarbon™ today! or you can buy gift cards for smaller amounts.
  2. Buy mom a Terrapass to offset the carbon emissions of her home in Florida or for all those flights she takes to come to visit.
  3. Honor your tree hugger mom with the gift of trees planted in a national forest through the Arbor Day Foundation (for just $10.00 they will plant 10 trees).
  4. If mom has a green thumb, email her a gift certificate from Seeds of Change where she can buy organic seeds and other great gardening supplies.
  5. For the mom with a serious case of empty nest syndrome you can “symbolically” adopt her a lion, a giraffe or even a monkey through the World Wild Life Fund.
  6. For your DIY mom you can donate a box of nails or a kitchen sink on her behalf through Habitat for Humanity.
  7. Truly globally conscience moms will love a gift voucher from the Good Gifts Catalogue which lets mom go online and Save the Tiger or educate an African child for an entire year.
  8. Go to Heifer International and give mom the gift that keeps on giving - a flock of chicks for a family in a developing country.
  9. Make mom a microfinancier with a Kiva gift certificate which will allow her to go online and choose which unique entrepreneur in the developing world she would like to support.
  10. If mom is more of a politico and a Harry Belafonte fan you can make a donation on her behalf to Democracy Now!
  11. All things are considered you can email the NPR loving mom an NPR shop gift certificate.
  12. For music loving moms you can donate to Meet the Composer through Network for Good. You can also visit Charity Navigator to find the perfect charity for mom.
  13. All moms are teachers but if she is truly passionate about education you can donate online to The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education through JustGive.
  14. If nothing but flowers will do, make them organic from Organic Bouquet.
  15. Finally if mom isn’t quite eco-minded or globally conscience or she’s still just damn materialistic an Amazon e-card will get there on time and maybe she’ll take your lead and buy something from Amazon’s new green home and gardening department.

Eco-Friendly Card Ideas

Make a video-gram or take digital-picture card and email is the best idea but I did find a couple other nice sites if you want send something a little less cheesy than what’s available on Blue Mountain.

Moms Rising offers a musical e-card for MOTHER.

The Sundance Channel has a unique design to make an eco-card but I sent myself one and explorer crashed so test it first.

Save the Children has free Mother’s Day E-Card and of course you can also donate.

Happy Sustainable Mother's Day!

2 comments: said...

I am thinking that this will be the year of the gift card for my family. Christmas and birthdays will be MUCH easier if I could just give a card... We try to do at least a few every year, but I'm aiming higher this time around!

Heather O'Neill said...

Hey Megan: Did you see that Strauss Family Creamery linked to this on Facebook. So cool! xoxo-Heather