Monday, October 13, 2008

Sustainable Shopping Tips from Jean Chatsky

This segment caught my eye this morning as I was getting the Freen ready for school. Although the Dow is up today, who knows how long it will stay up, regardless these sites are great resources for those looking to save money, recycle and reuse. I mean who needs to spend $29.99 on another plastic Halloween costume?

Here are the sites Jean featured as well as a few others I found or have heard about.

Trade (point based trading system - good for books) (children's goods, Halloween costumes, etc)

Rent (children's special occaison - going out of business having a big sale)

Also notes book libraries have started power tool lending programs.

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Green Fundraising Ideas said...

The trading sites are an awesome idea!

Sustainable Mom said...

Thanks. the more you looks around the more your realize there is no reason to buy anything new anymore except to support the ailing economy.