Sunday, July 27, 2008

Harvest Time in Greenwood Lake New York

Last Sunday we had brunch at Harvest at Greenwood Lake and now I have to take back what I said about the food in the country being not as good as food in the city. Harvest has been open for a while but we only recently learned that the owner and chef Frank Constantino is an award winning chef from NYC and is featuring local, sustainable organic products. Clearly, once we learned that we had to try it.

Situated right in the Village, in a renovated colonial, it is tastefully decorated and includes great photos from local artists. To start the server brought a raisin focaccia with blackberry jam that "Frank whipped up this morning". I had the house smoked trout with organic greens, horseradish cream and cornmeal chipotle griddle cakes with New York cheddar cheese. The trout was light and flaky and the organic greens were crisp and fresh creating a delightful balance.

My husband had the farmhouse breakfast which included scrambled eggs, Pine Island hash browns and organic 8 grain toast. He also ordered a side of the heritage smoked bacon. I had a bite of his eggs and immediately felt ashamed of what I try to pass of as scrambled eggs in my own home. When I say these were the best eggs I have ever tasted I do not exaggerate.

The Freen had one organic whole wheat buttermilk pancake with Belgian dark chocolate and since he could only eat half both my husband and I were lucky enough to sample it. It was buttery and light as the server had suggested. Overall the food was excellent and very reasonably priced and less than two miles from our house. Two points for country living!


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